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How to move from a Catalog to a Session?


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  • BeO
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    Hi Lily,

    In step 4, field Sub Folder, you specify 3 sub folder levels (year / month / day).

    So far so good, but I assume you are aware that if you select the Capture folder or eventhe "All images" album, then you will only see in the Browser tool the images directly in folder "Capture" and no image from any sub folder. What you have to do is to add each subfolder (each day in your example) to the Favorites. Then you can filter in the Browser over "all images".

    Can you tell if there is way to see all images of sub folders of the Capture Folder or any of the Session Favorites?

    In other words, if I add a folder to the Favorites folder, I'd like C1 to see all images in its subfolders too, at least optionally, otherwise you cannot really work very well with sessions if you want to have many sub folders, e.g. as per your suggestion one subfolder for each day.

    Is this possible? If not can you please consider this as a feature request?

    Thanks and regards


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