Working with unlisted lens profile


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  • Matthias Panten

    Lens profile process is very unsatisfactory.

    1. common used lenses are missing (i.e. Nikkor AF-S 80-400mm or AF-S 200-500mm)

    2. If manufacturer profile indicated I don't know if an manufacturer profile is used or not.
        If there is one available it should automatically be selected and indicated so that user can 
        see that the correct profile is selected.
        So far I don't know if the manufacturer integrated lens profiles of the Nikkor Z-lenses are
        used or not.

    3. A lens correction outside of CaptureOne is an absolute no-go. Could be accepted only for a short time when a new lens is introduced. 

    I try to keep CaptureOne as an alternative for Lightroom but I recognise more and more that workflow efficiency in LR is much better. 

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