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Live Session - co-editing process with clients features



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    Mathieu B
    Product Manager

    Hi Jeremy, 

    Thank you for the suggestions! 
    I'll set this as "logged", because there are different statuses for each topic you bring. I suggest you add your voice to other topics that may cover some ideas that are similar if you find any, the number of community votes is a great tool to surface the most important ideas. 

    In short: 

    1. Comments - we are working on them, but we will need a few months to release something
    2. Multiple voices - we are well aware and it is on our roadmap, but we have not actively started working on it yet.
    3. Web gallery improvements - they are logged and tracked, but hard to prioritize at the moment. Still I hope we can do something about them sooner rather than later.
    4. Annotations - this is the next natural step after the comments, but there is a lot of legacy in Capture One Pro that we have to handle for that to happen. 


    Thank you again!

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