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An official reason as to why "No Hasselblad Support"


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  • John McMillan

    Can get there via a workround but would greatly appreciate integrated solution.

  • Nils Olsson

    I agree, using workarounds is very cumbersome. Hope that this dispute will get resolved in the future. As it is now the Capture One customers are the losers. 

  • Mikael Johansson

    Likewise, I would love if the two could integrate but and official explanation would also be nice?

  • BARBARA A. Wrigley

    I love my Hasselblad X2D - not giving it up.  And I love Capture One it's an integral part of my workflow with other cameras - and I just upgraded to the All in One platform.  Isn't there some negotiated solution so that the two can work together?  I know there are workarounds and I use them but it's not as efficient as being able to work directly in Capture One.

  • BARBARA A. Wrigley

    Perhaps you can charge a premium price if support is with Hasselblad?  There MUST be something you all can do!



  • FirstName LastName

    I guess it's on me for not checking first, but this blows majorly. I just ponied up 300$ for C1 assuming they would support a major professional brand. But that was basically 300$ down the drain.


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