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C1 Need some improvements fast


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  • Jack W

    This topic is for feedback on the community and the forum in general. If you wish to make a feature request, please navigate over to Improve Capture One

  • Barry Sanford

    I agree. The new denoise AI in LRC is a game changer. It has breathed new life into my old IQ180.

  • Tomek

    I totally concur - I have tried the new AI enhanced Denoise in Lightroom and it's a killer. C1 has to move fast to keep up...

  • Łukasz Gałecki

    Yes, new denoise I Lr is great. It saved some ISO 3200 and up images I took on Nikon D810 some years ago. But I can’t see any other use for it than making really bad images(technically) useful. It make very little difference on properly exposed images on my GFX 50s/100s. It is the same as flat field correction in Lr. Nice to have but because it create separate DNG file it usefulness is limited.

  • Denis Huk

    moving this to one of the Capture One Pro topics as this is not related to the help center or community


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