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reload software after hack and wipe (by Apple)



  • Clive NIcholls

    Since no-one responded, this is what I did.

    I downloaded free version then launched it. One of the initial popup dialogs gave me the choice of entering my license key, which I did. To confirm, I loaded one of my pre-existing sessions and it appeared to function although the tools section on the LHS looks considerable different from what I remember seeing a couple of months age. Now my question is:


    Will it last beyond the 30 day limit of the free version?????

  • Shane Baker

    Will it last beyond the 30 day limit of the free version?????

    Provided you've entered your licence details: yes.

    The trial version is the paid version. It just needs registration.


  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    If you go to the menu>help>license you should see your license code and activations left etc. If you are on a trial I think you should see this information there, as well as some kind of prompt to put in your paid license key. You can also log into your C1 web account and view your activations there.


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