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Please consider a lens profile for the Tamron 35-150 f2-2.8 lens


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  • Denis Huk

    Hi there and thank you for your feedback! We value your input and strive to be transparent about known bugs and future camera support. However, we're not quite there yet for lens support.

    Our goal is to support as many lenses as possible, and we use in-app data to determine which are in high demand. Even if your lens does not have a dedicated profile designed by our engineers, you can still achieve great results using Capture One’s lens correction tools with a Generic or Manufacturer profile: Working with an unlisted lens profile.

    Since this is not currently considered a feature request, I will move this post to the Open Discussion topic.

  • Thomas Wild

    Yes, half of the SONY wedding photographers like me use this lense - we need this profil, please!

  • Jordan Reeder

    This is a great lens, growing in popularity. It would be nice to have the profile made.



  • takatoshi yamaguchi

    I too hope for a quick response.

  • SNEP

    we need this profile 


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