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Bug fixes in 16.1.3 ????


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  • Andrew Penovic

    The memory leaks present from the first version 16 still persist!

    It still uses up all the RAM the PC has available and then hangs the PC. I even upgraded my PC and have the same issues.  

    Loved C1 up to Version 22 but Version 23 has been a nightmare! 



  • JF

    I've been asking for a long time that they fix the bug where in the Browser you can't go to the first or last image with a keyboard shortcut like you used to. And what do they do?? They fix it but only in the "new" 16.2.

    Messed up. I paid for Version 22, and then for Version 23. It might be time to go to Adobe. Even though they're a much larger company, it seems that they listen to requests/bug fixes much better.

  • Eric

    It’s not like the bug fix issue hasn’t happened with prior versions but at least there was a chance that it might get fixed sometime during the year. Now, with the new update scheme, it gets pretty ridiculous.

  • JF

    Yes, bugs happen in all software. But to not get more than 3 or 4 months of bug fixes is ridiculous. Capture One definitely lost me as a customer if they don't improve their mentality just a little. I'm already looking at ways to convert my catalog to Lightroom

  • Andrew Penovic

    JF - Would love an easy way of converting a catalog back to Lightroom.  


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