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Very frequent crashes after update to 16.2.0 (pro)


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  • FirstName LastName

    Have the exact same problem, I updated Capture One about a week ago. It worked fine until then. Since the update it crashed more than a dozen times during just BROWSING the images, + editing + exporting - no matter what I do it crashes again and again several times duing one workflow. I can't work like that, I have customer projects I need to finish! 


    Hope this problem will be seen and solved soon.

  • Krzysztof Nazar

    Since there was no response from the support and I wasn't able to export pictures as well (ResError?), I fixed all issues by reverting to v. 16.1.3 (available under "Previous versions" at the bottom of this page https://www.captureone.com/en/account/download).

    In order not to lose the C1 settings I first copied some folders from User/AppData/Local/CaptureOne (on Windows - the folder is hidden by default). The folders are CustomCommands, Presets60, Recipes120, Recipes143, SearchPresets, StyleBrushes, Styles, Styles50, Templates and Workspaces130. Then I unistalled CaptureOne and installed the older version. After that I put the mentioned folders back into the original location and overwrote any existing files.

    I work only using sessions, so this is how I retrieved the editing I made with 16.2.0. First I renamed the folders that contained the "updated" sessions by adding a suffix like "_bad". Then I created new sessions with the same template (You may need to repair the session template that was affected by using in 16.2.0 by choosing one of the backup files) as the originals and with the original names (without the suffix). After that I put the contents of "_bad" folders into the new ones, except for the session files (.cosessiondb). This way after opening the newly created sessions I had all the masks, settings, ratings etc.

    All problems disappeared. Hope that helps anyone struggling with the new "update".


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