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Follow-up on sessions vs catalogs!


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  • John Friend
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    I agree on the "referenced" terminology inconsistency.  That isn't helping matters.  It is confusing in the UI.

    One last thing I'd suggest you make sure before you commit to putting everything into a single catalog is to make sure the C1 catalog performs well with the number of images you want to put in it.  You don't say how many images you're talking about.  The total size of the image data is irrelevant as that's just stored on disk and referenced by the catalog database.  What matters is the number of images in the catalog because that determines how many items are in the catalog (and thus how much data) the catalog database has to manage to do its job. 

    I myself don't have a large catalog since I only started using C1 a few years ago and I'm not shooting tons of images now and I kept my previous images in the LR6 catalog where I can still access them.  But, there is lots of discussion out there on where the tipping point of frustration and slow performance is for a large number of images in the catalog.  It would be worth reviewing what others have said about that and making sure your plan is well within the catalog size capabilities.

  • Ian Wilson
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    Can't you just import the Aperture Library into Capture One?


  • SFA
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    @Original Poster

    Bear in mind that C1 did not originally have Catalogs, only sessions.

    So the availability of referenced files permitted the creation of catalog functionality that could directly reference existing sessions without creating copies of original files or breaking the session folder structure.

    That also meant that other popular catalogs, LightRoom and Aperture for example, could be left as they were and still have a C1 catalog associated with them.

    Hence the message "Your files will stay where they are".

    Personally I don't use catalogues much and much prefer sessions. They better suit most of my needs.

    But, that said, I probaby struck lucky and found a section of the user guide or release notes that outlines the difference between Internal and External images files in a catalog quite early in my voyage of new functionality discovery so never had a problem with the concepts.

    Contrary to that was my experience with Catalog only LightRoom V1 with which I never gelled at all in terms of the catalog. In that case I think I got too deeply into wrong think by skipping some of the "Read this first" type of documentation and ended up repeatedly confusing myself. 

    So I do understand the potential for confusion.

    Luckily I could abandon LR because at the time I was using a more "session " like application that had more functionality and produced better results. When I followed that up with C1 I could share the same image folders for both applications and so the concept of a "referenced" data source was already very familiar by functionality of not naming convention, when catalogs were introduced to C1.


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