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  • Filthy Lucre


    See if the above link helps.

  • gb

    Have to agree with Bratby.

    You should of course get an immediate pre-download on-screen warning about the upgrade not being compatible with your current license.

  • J. Maas

    And carefull test the liability program. It does not automaticly calculate the real used years of subscription!

    Shame for C1

  • Mark Osborne

    We will see what happens after my perpetual 10 month license is over then check the price to upgrade to the newest version but still get no updates, just fixes? I see the perpetual going away or make it so expensive that they want you to go subscription which I will never do. I don't rent software.

  • Mark Osborne

    The issue now is when will the perpetual licenses be terminated. They look at Adobe making billions of $$$ from people who rent their software and they want a piece of this pie by the C1 overlords. IMO the reason that perpetual licenses still exist is to calm customers nerves until they feel they can pull the plug on the perps with the least amount of collateral damage to their bottom line. Since the change I have always said that perp folks have now become second class customers. C1 prices on subscriptions are way over the top compared to LR.

    The perpetual is now over $400 CDN, what does that tell you? There is nothing as a user we can do to make any changes and C1 IMO will continue to go all in on subscriptions. I will continue to finish up my processing on my images.  By that time I will have to make a decision on whether I stay depending if the perpetual upgrade is still around and reasonably priced if not then I will either stay with C1 23 long term or move on. I am already in several trials with other software in between jobs to get a full understanding of what is in the marketplace. I have always upgraded my perpetual license since starting with C1 5 years ago.

    I hear your frustration with C1 but in the end you need to determine if C1 is the best fit for your workflow. Good Luck

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    The issue now is when will the perpetual licenses be terminated. They look at Adobe making billions of $$$ from people who rent their software and they want a piece of this pie by the C1 overlords.

    Yes, but Adobe was (at least considered) the market leader in that space, and still is, and still is cheaper than the C1 subscription. I have some doubts that C1 can copy this model with equal success.

    Ironically, if Capture One offered a reasonable upgrade offer to perpetual license users and offered valuable features in each upgrade, I'd probably upgrade every year and pay them at least as much as Adobe makes with their subscription.  But, with the ridiculous pricing, I feel like I have to very carefully only buy a new perpetual license when I really need it (so I skip upgrade years) and they end up getting less from me.

    Same for me, and likely many many others. In the end, C1 will find that revenue from perpetual licences have declined so much in absolute terms, and even more so in relative terms when compared to subscriptions, that they don't lose too much if they cease selling new perpetual licences. They will speculate that enough users will switch to a sub (I cannot see this happen for me though). I bet we will see this before two years have passed, and then it's time for me to go a different route...


  • Mark Osborne

    I do see them removing the perp before the end of 2023. Also I did not know they would give you a free perp once you had 5 years of sub? That is assuming of course C1 is still around and they haven't made more licensing changes? To me that offer is useless. In any case right now their website says $411 CDN for a license and like you said BH has it on for $237 CDN. Who the hell would pay $411?  Their pricing is all over the place. C1 will lose to LR for sure now no question in my mind. The intent with the $411 CDN price tag is to try and scare you to go sub. Never in my world.

  • FirstName LastName

    I hope your issue gets resolved swiftly and that you can resume using Capture One without further inconvenience.


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