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Capture One and Phase One aren't doing well. Are they really willing to do better?


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  • Shane Baker


    I can't comment on Phase One, but I agree with your thoughts on Capture One. While steadfastly ignoring the bugs in C1, and adding trivial "features" (which I assume are pitched at high volume, professional users), they ignore the AI-based advances being made in other software (which would appeal to enthusiast photographers such as me) - and then they bring out C1 for iOS!


    I agree - C1 has lost the plot.

    The move to effectively force users  into renting their software has just been the final straw for me.


  • BeO
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    Benjamin Kim

    Many people, including me, believe that the private equity owner of C1 is trying to squeeze every buck out of C1 and its customer base, and that has a lot to do with what Capture One is (or we are) facing.

  • BeO
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    I cannot comment on Phase One but I can tell that I am highly disappointed by Capture One mainly for two reasons, quality (introduction of new bugs and missing willingness or capability to fix bugs) and policy changes for perpetual license customers.

    And this fits perfectly in the assumed recent greed initiative of the investor, developing additional products to increase revenue instead of getting the main product right fits too.

    Imo, they need to do both, i.e. take the extra money they squeeze out of us to actually invest in development and quality for the main product and develop new modules at least to catch up with competition. 

  • Kassur

    Capture One has been part of the Axel Group for several years. Maybe this explains a few things for you?


    Hope this helps a little,



  • Benjamin Kim

    BeO/ That just proves my point that Phase One/Capture One isn't doing well as they were wasting their time and money on meaningless stuffs and they are trying to do earn more money by all means necessary just like Hasselblad did. 


    Clearly, that doesn't change the fact that Phase One/Capture One are doing stupid things instead of improving and fixing their software after all and that also does NOT justify what Phase One and Capture One are doing. Am I suppose to understand their failures?

  • Charles DALIA

    I bought the latest ipad thinking that the workflow would be fun on location. What a deception, impossible to use the software, it freezes and stop by himself…
    I don’t understand why there developping iphone and ipad apps that doesn’t work at all and don’t fixes the bug on the desktop version… at this time we can’t export a PSD file with perspective correction without bug, since capture one 13…

  • Benjamin Kim

    Kassur/ Being part of Axel has nothing to do with what Phase One and Capture One are facing. 


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