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Add options to select/collapse multiple variants



  • Okular

    I would use the color marks or keywords for selection, that is the most practical way imo. But anyway let me see if I understand your question correctly and this is an alternative: The option you asked for does exist in the menu Image: "Show all" or "Hide all", which hides or unhides all variants of images in the selected folder or album. With all variants shown you then click, for example, on the first variant of an image with the right mouse button and choose "Select according to similarity", as a criterion you can then decide on the rating, colour marking or position of the variant and thus, for example, in the case of images with several variants, select only the first one for export.

    Note: I am not working with an English version, so I do not know if the terms are translated correctly.


  • Marcin Mrzygłocki
    Top Commenter

    Oh yes, there is such an option ("Collapse Selected" or "Collapse All")! I was looking mostly in Browser. Checked and it works, but accidentally exposed an apparent bug with JPG images from this session's exports present on the list, even though they were never imported.


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