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EXIF management


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  • Christopher Dubea

    Well, a little bit of Python makes this a snap:


    import os

    # folder path
    path = r"Y:\"

    for path,subdir,files in os.walk(path):

        for name in files:
            if str(name).endswith('.cos'):
                filename= os.path.join(path,name)
                print('oldfile = ', oldfile)
                print ("filename = ", filename)
                #rename existing cos to cos.old
                os.rename(filename, oldfile)
                #open old file
                f1 = open(oldfile, "r+")
                #create replacement cos file for writing to
                f2 = open(filename, "w+")
                for line in f1:
                    #read old file line by line
                    if 'Content_Keywords' in line:
                        line = '            <E K="Content_Keywords" V="" />'+'\r'
                    if 'Content_SupplementalCategories' in line:
                        line = '            <E K="Content_SupplementalCategories" V="" />'+'\r'
                    #write old file line by line
                #close files when done

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Hi Christopher,

    Are you on Windows or Mac? If you are on Windows, can you still drag&drop images from Digikam to a C1 album with C1 version 23?

  • Christopher Dubea

    I've got C1 on a Windows box. Unfortunately, I've got Digikam installed on a Linux box at the moment so I can't answer your question. Secondarily, I'm only up to v22 on C1. This is more of an experiment than anything right now. Currently, I'm doing my DAM duties in LR v6.14 and that has been fine, but at some point that will no longer be viable, so I was investigating opportunities.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Thanks. If you like, tell us your experience and decision after your investigation process, I would be interested in that.

    I stopped my own investigation when I detected the drag&drop regression defect in v23. As this is a central feature for me I wanted to make sure that higher versions than v22 would still work in that regard, so I installed the v23 trial version and C1 failed. It does work though when the drag-source is a C1 catalog, which I currently use, but neither from Digikam nor from Windows Explorer, which should be standard, so the fault is definitely in C1 v23.


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