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Allow selecting block of text when renaming image in Grid Mode of Browser



  • JoJu

    I just put a reply in here instead the other thread. In the company I'm working for I'm also responsible for management and "translating dev-blurb into user language". We once bumped into a massive trap which caused the software to crash, just because the chines character for "period" is a different one than the European or American character. I don't know, if the problem was related to the antique Windows 7 embedded version, or a different keyboard of a translator or some horrible thinsg happening in all transfer processes. But things we take for granted are not. Until a little while ago, editing portuguese texts led to an orange alert of the CMS editor. Although everything was fine.


  • Marcin Mrzygłocki
    Top Commenter

    If you imply that this could be a system-wide shortcut interfering then no, this happens only in certain view of Capture One. Maybe text fields are awkwardly customized depending on their location, maybe a shortcut conflicts with global keys, but at least I have checked and there is nothing assigned to Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right, as it should be, so it's rather the first option - there are more inconsistencies that I want to report, only I'm not sure at times if I should treat them as bug or a feature...

    Edit: Are you maybe talking about copy-pasting to text fields? :-))


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