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Problem im Schwarz/Weiss-Register


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  • JoJu

    In Version 11 hatte ich die Probleme manchmal auch. Dachte aber, das lag daran, dass ich meine X-T2 mittlerweile als Repro-Station zum SW Filme digitalisieren eingerichtet habe. In Version 16 ist mir nichts dergleichen mehr begegnet, aber das hilft wohl nicht?

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    This looks like the sort of problem that sometimes is cured by turning off hardware acceleration in Settings. It's worth trying that and finding out whether the problem goes away. If it does, you can try updating graphics drivers, then trying again.

    Also, this is not appropriate to the "Improve Capture One" section of the forum which is intended for feature requests. I'm moving it to the Legacy Software section, since you say you are on Capture One 11.


  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    I agree with Ian, goto the preferences dialog, tab General, and turn off OpenCL (hardware acceleration) to see if it is a graphic card driver issue.


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