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Is there any way to get actual support for capture one??


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  • Brian Jordan

    There is a support request page, yes.  https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/requests/new 

    There's also these support forums.  Help here is provided by users for users.  Rants tend to be ignored or, worse, gather more rants.  Thoughtful questions seem to get thoughtful responses from fellow users who'd like to help.  Speaking for myself, I saw this earlier post and noted it was a rant so nothing I could help with.  I moved on.  I'm back now only because I saw your colorful comment on another thread.  Put 2 and 2 together and think I have an idea what you're asking here.

    Log into your account.  Under Plans and Services (I think) you'll find a list of your activation codes.  You also should have received this code via email when you purchased.  Copy that code and paste it into the activation key filed.  You should be good to go then.

    A couple of suggestions:  1) just go on and post your question and maybe leave the rant for when you are't pushed for time.  2) never, ever roll out new software in front of clients without testing first.  At least those are my approaches which have seemed to work over the years.


    Obligatory: Mod only.  Not affiliated with Capture One.  Thoughts, opinions, hopefully helpful advice expressed are mine and mine alone.

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    Do you, perhaps, have 2 accounts registered for C1 with different email addresses and different passwords?


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