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Changing directory pointed to by the catalog file.


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  • Ian Wilson
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    As well as using the Locate feature on an individual image, you can use it on a folder. So if you go to the Folders section of the Library tool, you will probably see that the folder where the images are stored also shows as offline. It will have a ⚠︎ sign next to it. You can right click the folder and choose Locate... from the context menu.


  • Jill Kuchar

    Thanks Ian. Yes locate works nicely :-)

    However it seems to only work on one directory at a time. Since my directory structure on the new disk is the same as the old, except I am one level lower. Namely before, on which the catalogs were based, the directories were "Macintosh HD/User/me/Photography/...", they are now "Macintosh HD/User/XXX/me/Photography/...".

    Is there a way to make the change globally or do I need to do it for each catalog?

    Thanks again,


  • MartinR

    I have this same question.  I cloned the external drive where I stored all my original images, then replaced the original drive with the clone.  I even renamed the clone to match the name of the original drive, so the cloned drive appears as an exact duplicate of the original drive.

    I have only one C1 catalog.  Is there any way to batch Locate all images on the new drive without having to do it folder by folder?  (I have many, many folders of images previously imported into C1.)


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