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DJI Mavic 3 lens profiles urgently needed


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  • Doug Long

    Spot On….how long are we supposed to wait?

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    If the manufacturer cannot provide a satisfactory profile that is a bit disappointing.

    Light falloff may be an exception to that though.

    Can you use the available lens adjustments tool to correct the problem to your satisfaction?

    If so, can you then save that adjustment as a preset and apply it as required?

  • Fred Greaves

    Agreed... I have resorted to using Lightroom or Adobe Raw with the Mav 3/ 3Pro raws because of the very poor results with C1

  • Eric

    Oliver Schuh, I would highly recommend using DxO PureRAW to process your images first before importing them into C1. While C1's lens corrections are good when available, DxO PR's are superior in every way. Most importantly though, the chances of having corrections for your particular camera & lens combination available are much higher with DxO PR.

    Yes, it's extra cost & an additional step in the workflow but it's worth it if you depend on lens corrections.

  • Benoit Stichelbaut

    So, should we wait a long time for this request or  or be forced to change our processing software ? thanks

  • Benoit Stichelbaut

    Unfortunately I also have to use CameraRaw because the results with Capture One are so disappointing. 


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