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Lens Profile Support For Fujifilm XF100-400


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  • Brian Jordan

    Moved to "request camera support' forum.

  • Helen

    Thank you for your feedback. We value your input and strive to be transparent about known bugs and future camera support. However, we are not quite there yet for lens support.

    Our goal is to support as many lenses as possible, and we use in-app data to determine which are in high demand. Even if your lens does not have a dedicated profile designed by our engineers, you can still achieve great results using Capture One’s powerful lens correction tools with a Generic or Manufacturer profile: Working with an unlisted lens profile.

    Since this is not currently considered a feature request, I will move this post to the Gear Talk topic.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    What do you see when you check the lens profile used in the lens tool?

    Is it just "Generic" or does it show "Manufacturer"?

  • Stephen Douglas

    Hi SFA, I see 'Manufacturers Profile'. However there is no named lens profile (Capture One Pro does not provide one) and the 'Manufactures Profile' does not correct the vignetting on this lens. I have to correct each shot manually. All my other lenses have specific profiles selectable with one touch in Capture One Pro. (N.B. Any JPG files that I shoot with this lens are already corrected for vignetting in camera, so I can only assume the 'Manufacturers Profile' listed by Capture One Pro does not exist or is not being read properly by the software.)

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    Hi Stephen,

    So C1 seems to be using any correction data provided by Fuji and built into the lens.

    Long zoom lenses are quite interesting in that, in my experience with Canon L lenses from a slightly earlier generation before built-in corrections appeared, any correction required tends to be quite minimal (compared to wide angle lenses) and they usually have a designed in "sweet spot" through the centre of the range where no correction is applied for pure distortion effects. 

    However, there is no guarantee of that being the case.

    In addition the f-stop setting can influence what corrections are required for the other adjustments that can be applied.

    Are you seeing any value above 0 for the distortion slider? (In any of the images you have taken.)

    If not, what happens if you change the slider value? (Or, indeed, any of the other values that might be influenced by the built-in Manufacturer profile.)


  • Stephen Douglas

    Hi SFA,

    Before any adjustment of a raw file (.raf) the distortion slider is set to 100 and the light fall of is set to 0. The resulting image is heavily shaded in the corners but has no apparent distortion relative to a matching .jpg file straight from camera. If I slide the light falloff slider to 100 the vignetting is corrected so that the .raf and .jpg files look identical.

    So, the capture one software is able to use the manufacturers profile data embedded in the Fuji raw file. However, the default value for light falloff correction defaults to 0 when it should default to 100, to obtain the standard correction employed in camera. Strangely, the distortion correction already defaults to 100 without manual adjustment.


  • Propheticus

    To overcome this very same issue, which even happens for lenses with a C1 profile, you can make a custom preset of your lens correction with light falloff set to 100*. Then apply this preset during import under 'adjustments' or create a custom style that contains multiple tool settings you want to apply during import.

    In my case I apply a style that sets clarity (5 & 10) to match Fuji's default clarity in camera/Jpeg + the fixed lens correction with light falloff.

    *: Not all lenses default to 100 for distortion correction, so that's why I mention only light falloff 100. E.g. my 16mm wide-angle defaults to 0 for distortion, maybe because correction causes too much of a pixel stretch (unsharp/blur) around the edge of the frame.


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