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Aspect Ratios do not respect orientation ? Bug/Feature?



  • Marcin Mrzygłocki
    Top Commenter

    How do you move or resize the crop though? By default aspect ratio is not linked to orientation, so there is no way to change orientation directly in Capture One. As a user doing quite a lot of rotation/levelling, cropping and reorienting don't see another solution than using a mouse, if not for implementing all these crop-related actions as a full shortcut set:

    • change orientation
    • extend right
    • shrink right
    • extend left
    • shrink left
    • extend top
    • shrink top
    • extend bottom
    • shrink bottom
    • move right
    • move left
    • move up
    • move down

    Does not look easy even if I did not miss any possible actions, not to mention finetuning the movement - move linearly or start slow, then speed up? How to move by one pixel, a thousand pixels?

    I think this will stay as a mouse-only action, unless you have an idea of another approach, or maybe you have seen it elsewhere and can share the experience.

  • Den Denyer

    I didn't want to use the L word, but in Lightroom if you hit X your aspect ratio is rotated 90 degrees and if it exceeds the image bounds is rescaled to fit within, and if it fits within the image bounds the dimensions are respected.

    LR also has a rotate and a "Scale" that enlarges/shrinks from centre, and an X/Y offset slider that moves the crop "window" left and right. I had those controls bound to control surface sliders, and never needed to reach for the mouse. Now with speed edits in C1 I can use the mouse for 95% of operations, but the lack of a Scale,X and Y slider mean I have to go and grab handles and it makes me sad.  Rotation I solved with AutoHotKey, but X.Y and Scale are unapproachable until C1 make changes, sadly.

    It strays into this: 

    But simply put if the aspect ratio would simply apply within the image constraints, or if X allowed me to flip it (Again shrinking to within constraints), it'd be a grand start.

  • Marcin Mrzygłocki
    Top Commenter

    Understood. In other words - you can rephrase top post as a feature request and move it.

  • Den Denyer

    I didn't want to FR it in case it was stupid user error - It looks like it's not, so I'll punt it to the requests forum.


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