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Synology Drive & Capture One


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    Hi Oliver, my client is experiencing the same sort of issues (although not with CaptureOne). They are Mac users running Synology Client 3.4.0 - 15724 and the latest server version of 3.4.0 - 25724. Very occasionally they get a file "ignored" on the client Mac so it doesn't get uploaded. It can be forced to sync but the end user has to spot the "ignored" icon. They mainly work in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator. There appears to be no obvious reason for this. I will be looking into this shortly to see if there are trends e.g. all jpegs so I will keep you posted. Please let me know if you have any breakthroughs at your end.

  • Oliver Flöricke


    I think I figured it out why it did not worked for me: The problem was/is that Capture One creates, when exporting files, initially a "*.tmp" version of the file. Only when the creation was successful, it renames the file to the correct extension.

    When using Synology Drive first, I then used this "dynamic file space allocation" mode for synching. And with this mode you can't configure which file types should not be considered during sync (or at least I did not found the correct way to do so). And "tmp" files where excluded from syncing by default. So they where ignored when created and even the renaming did not changed this. Only some files from a batch of exported jpgs miraculously where synced - I still don't know why.

    I then switched to the "normal" sync mode. And with this mode I was able to configure the Synology client to allow temp files to be synced. And since then the syncing executes as expected. I do not need this dynamic mode so this is fine with me.

    I just changed it last week so I still would not dare to say it works finally since I have to check it the next days, but I hope this was the case. 

    Don't know if this helps you but hopefully this might be the case.


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