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Web site references a TikTok scripts


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  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    Wouldn't this be have something to do with links to this site shared on TikTok?

    (I avoid TikTok myself and understand your scepticism.)

  • Jack W

    Hi Petr Vones – I can assure you everything on our website is above board and you can read the cookie policy here: https://www.captureone.com/en/terms-conditions/cookie-policy

    Reach out to legal@captureone.com if you have any further concerns – and thank you for posting.

  • Petr Vones

    Thank you, this is not about the cookies (nobody care of them anymore) or any other legal matter. It is just suspicious to see such scripts running on this web site. It is either directly in the web site code or (even worse) injected indirectly by some third-party code.


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