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saving edits when leaving Capture one20 express


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  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Hi Martin, what exactly is your request? I assume you know how to save your raw files. You wrote

    1. "saving edits"

    2. "save all my edited photos"

    Do you want to save your edits (adjustments) which you have done in C1 Express just in case that you possibly want to come back to a paid C1 in the future? Or do you want to save your photo edits in form of jpg or tiff?


  • Jack W

    Moved post to more appropriate topic.

    We made a guide in lieu of this here: https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/articles/11019291187997

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Capture One is not moving to a "paid for of Capture One Express". They are retiring Express.


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