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Making the Improve Capture One Topic more obviously intended for FUTURE enhancements.


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  • Jack W

    I agree – it's a bit of a pain to manually moderate and keep on topic, due to the volume of requests.

    We plan to go one giant step further than refining the topic, and will look to move feature/camera requests to a far more pleasing and user friendly environment, away from the forum.

    We've reached our limitations with the forum (it's great for discussion, not so much for gathering data and insights) and we need something a bit more robust. So keep your eyes peeled :) 

    (Yes, all existing requests will be saved and moved over, so as to not lose any feedback or ideas)

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    Excellent news Jack.

    Forum formats are so very often of limited (and limiting!) use for technical requests in my experiences over some years.

    On the other hand getting the full details required for a full understanding of the requests from enthusiastic responders, who may be less inclined to be to engage outside the creative idea box, can be challenging. 

    Keeping things as simple and quick to use as possible to attract initial engagement seems to be the key. However, initial success can turn into to a moving target - as has happened here over the last few months. 

    I have never really discovered a system that just seemed to work even though I know many people have sought them.

    A long time ago, pretty much "before internet" and when most digital interaction was B2B based on the then newly spreading use of emails, we had some success with integrating operation support and new development activities by sharing information between the support system and the consultancy activity reports  generated from working closely on client sales and implementation projects.  But it was a very different world providing for quite substantial businesses when compared to the current on-line B2C operations of today.

    On the other hand, at least in theory, the potential for extracting useful analysis for any generic text base data sources is quite high. That's the good news. 

    Making sense out of the results  - real sense with deep underlying understanding - is not so easy. 

    I once carried out some analysis of our support cases by word in the contents. The objective was to discover what was truly useful for any sort of analysis and what might be just noise when searching, even though they seemed to be extremely relevant words to the search. My conclusion was that just a few hundred (at best) commonly used words have any value in almost all cases related to searches. (In English). Probably less than 200 iirc.

    Recent developments in AI search engines and their replies seem to provide more polished analysis at first sight. But I'm not sure they really do provide anything close to a reasoned response unless one has formulated the request for assistance in a very careful way - depending on the objective implied by the request for information.

    I realised it was quite easy to take any text-based data set, especially something that was dedicated to a particular product or subset of a product's functionality, and quickly extract "confirmation" of whatever it was one wished to "confirm".

    That was with relatively little processing power available when compared to what is hand ready off-the-shelf today.

  • Denis Huk

    moving this to community forum feedback


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