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Importing pictures of previous Sessions


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  • Francisco Salazar

    Capture One keeps importing or inclusion pictures of previous sessions when creating  new sessions this generates a miss-use of storage.

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    There have been several posts about this. 

    (1) Look in Capture One Settings (or Preferences depending on your OS) on the General tab, and make sure this is set to Never.

    (2) Pay attention to the details of the new session dialog box and check that Capture One is going to create it in the location you intended. (Usually it puts it in your default location, such as your Picture folder, but occasionally it seems to randomly want to put it inside the folder for an older session, ion my experience.)

    (3) Pay attention to the details of the import dialog box; check that only the images you want are being imported; check also that the Capture folder is correctly set to the folder created by Capture One when it created the session.


  • Denis Huk

    moving to another topic as this is not a feature request


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