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Synch and remove none-existing folders from catalogue



  • Stefan Grossjohann

    Removing non existing Folders from the favorites would be great.

  • woefi

    I am also disappointed that you cannot mark one specific folder as "ignore" (whether it is empty or not, just to exclude it from a catalog because its content does not belong there anymore)

    I recently ran into this when I tried to split a catalog into two:

    • First I exported the smaller part as a new catalog B,
    • then reopened catalog A and intended to remove the exported folders from it as they now live in cat B.
    • But no way: They would be deleted from disk!

    Possible workaround: "finding" unwanted folders and relinking them with "dummy* folders". (*making several empty new folders on disk which can safely be deleted)

    But I did not try this out, yet.

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter


    Delete Folder of a folder selected in the Library Folders tool does not delete the folder disk. It only removes it from the catalog.

    Notice the second screen grab explicitly says "Remove Collection Name from catalog?"


  • woefi

    Walter Rowe Thank You! You are correct.

    I tested now and it works as you describe. (Although I could swear the dialog box told me it would delete on disk. So I never tried again... I have no screenshots. So I misremember obviously.)

    So, I retreat back to the OP's requests for:

    • (A) automatic removing empty folders via Sync,
    • (B) make a multi-select function for manipulating several folders/collections at once (also useful for exporting multiple selections in one go) 

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