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  • Ian Wilson
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    There was a bug with photos being exported to folders that were mirrored to iCloud getting treated as hidden files. Possibly as much an Apple problem with Sonoma as a Capture One problem. This was fixed in release 16.3.1 of Capture One, and also in a bug fix release for version 23 (release 16.2.6).

    If you are using Sonoma and Capture One 22, it isn't supported. If you are not using Sonoma, then there may be a different problem.



  • Manfred Zingg

    Hello Ian,
    thank you for your fast answer. I tested the Process with the trial version of cp1 - 23 and everything was o.k. I will upgrade my CP1 - 22 to CP1 ß 23.
    Many thanks and have a good day


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