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Display image dimensions



  • stuartb

    In reply to both.


    I meant the original pixel dimensions. I need to know what I have first before I start working on the image.

    Useful to know the post crop dimensions using the method above. But all I'd like is something very simply: the original pixel dimensions shown alongside the other basic metadata (aperture etc.). It's only one extra field to add and there is plenty of room for it. I know that I can get to it, but so can I get to aperture etc. but other fields have been displayed - why not original pixel data? I get this information displayed on top if I edit the photo in Affinity Photo.

  • stuartb

    Sorry - thought that I had clicked on the ideas section but obviously did not look carefully. I have done it now.

  • stuartb


    I'd only need to see it in full display, as in other programs that I use. My file naming structure is fairly long already, so that would not work for me. Because ISO, aperture, shutter speed and focal length are already displayed I'd have thought that pixel size would be an obvious addition and not take up much space. If these items were thought to be useful enough to display then pixel dimensions should also be there.


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