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Session no longer sees new pictures in folder


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  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    What is different about those new images? Are they from a camera supported by your version of Capture One?


  • Brian Findlay

    Thanks for the feedback folks.  Yes Tiff, jpg and png editing enabled.  No there is nothing special about these jpgs.  I ran them through a converter program that outputs files that C1 is happy with - no difference.  C1 just...stopped seeing new files. 


    I don't understand why the program would just stop seeing new files...its totally bizarre.

  • Brian Findlay

    Ah - got it sorted.  Still don't know why the behaviour changed, but after restarting the mac and removing the files from the folder and adding them back, they did appear at the bottom when set to 'manual' sorting. 


    So bizarre...still don't see why when first reading the folder it reported 710 items, then after spinning the orange wheel to completion it has only 696.  I will take it though...back in biz!


    Cheers folks, and thanks again... '-)

  • SFA
    Top Commenter



    I'm not sure why this thread has come back to the top of the "Recent" lists - perhaps a removed spam pot from someone? - but it occurs to me that if your previous "List" for the folder (pure open folder, no filters?) was still in memory/temp file and you had added the file by copying in rather than as in Import, C1 might not feel a need to reread the folder in order to fresh the list. (Of course it may also have done the assessment and got it wrong!).

    I see this sometimes, usually when I have copied something into a folder directly when it was already actively used in C1. 

    Going to the Library and forcing a re-reading for the folder usually fixes the problem and displays the new files.

    If I import to the folder (or use some other C1 routine such as tethered input) C1 knows enough to add new files to the temporary file list of folder contents (allowing for filters) without the need to refresh/re-read the folder contents.

    It is entirely possible that you are seeing something different but still worth bearing this in mind if you come across the same situation in the future.


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