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Tethering Mac M1


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  • Robert Stebler

    Tethering is a constant issue.  Cables will works one day and not the next and then work again.  I work in a large e-commerce environment with many large photo bays running at once with tethered shooting to M1 and M2 Mac Studio computers.  We are constantly throwing out +$100 usb cables.  We spent thousands on tether tools pro usb c cables and they never worked reliably.  Switched to USB A fiber optic 10Gb/s cables that then connected to a short USB A to USB C cable and then to the camera.  Those worked great for months but then all stopped working in one week.  Assuming it was an Apple update that changed how it handled USB.  Switched to USB C 10Gb/s fiber optic cables that then connect to a short 1.5ft usb c female to usb c male and then to the camera and all was good except the usb c ends are really week and cause connection issue all of the time.  The fix that always works for us is to replace the two cables with brand new ones.  They might last a few days or they might last a couple months but usually never more than that.


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