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Hot pixels (after using Single Pixel) still show on lower res JPEG, but not on full size Tiff



  • Ric Cohn

    What I am calling hot pixels happen during long exposures (like star photography). The longer the exposure the more hot pixels. Usually moving up the Single Pixel slider fixes them. They may still appear in C1 at a low magnification, but I use 100% view to judge when they have been removed. In the past when output, after making this adjustment, they have always been gone. The exposure i experienced this with was 30 seconds. In this case they are still there when output at a lower resolution, but turned out to be gone when output at 100%. Maybe I've just never seen this before which is why I asked if anyone else had experienced this. Perhaps this is normal but I've never experiences this (I only occasionally use such long exposures) or if some change in C1 maybe fixed something else, but caused this to start happening. I don't see any other responses so maybe no one who has viewed the forum in the last 5 days has been doing long exposures (to see or not see what I described). 

  • Charles Schmidt

    Have had a similar problem on some long exposures taken using a GFX100S.  The single pixel slider removed some but not all.  Used the Heal tool to remove the rest.  When sending the image to Export and exporting a jpeg file, the hot pixels reappeared.  Also when exporting a small tif.  Next I tried editing the file in Affinity Photo .... there I simply resized the file and then exported it as a jpeg.  In this case the hot pixels did not reappear.  By the way, when I examined the image in the Export module the hot pixels were not visible. Very confusing and I really don't have a theory as to what is going on.  (BTW, the original file was Fuji raw imported to Capture One Pro


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