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Moving to older versions



  • Abbott Schindler

    Unfortunately you're out of luck. C1 updated the catalog format in v23 and even v22 can't open the catalog. I think the best you can do is:

    1. On a Mac for a referenced catalog (i.e. images not stored in the "catalog file", right-click on the catalog file and "Show Package Contents".  For a managed catalog (where the whole thing looks like one file), you'll have to open the C1 folder and locate the catalog file within it, then "Show Package Contents" for that.

    2. You should see a list of all the backups for that catalog that C1 created; their file names will end with "cocatalogdb.backup". Multiple backups append a number to that. C1 automatically create a backup the first time a new version opens the catalog.

    3. Rename the catalog to end with "cocatalogdb". Note that if you went from C1 21 to v22 to v23, there may be multiple "cocatalogdb.backup" files and you'll have to sort out which was the last one made from your C1 catalog.

    4. Now you should have a catalog that v21 can open and it will contain the edits and other bits you did up to and including in v21. The next step is to update it for all the photos added since then. I think the simplest way to do that is to have C1 locate the files. There's online help for how to do that if you don't already know how. I keep my image files in folders and for this purpose would have C1 synchronize folders. Then it can generate previews and you're ready to go.

    Now you've got your v21 images + edits and C1's aware of files added since v21. NO EDITS will be brought forward, so you'll have to start from scratch with editing, adding metadata, etc.

    Depending on your finances and the amount of work you're going to have to put into bringing everything into the older version, you might reconsider the subscription or consider buying a perpetual license for the current version. For me, given the number of images I've worked on since v21, I'd spring for a new perpetual license (hopefully you'll have a loyalty discount to apply).

  • M

    Abbott Schindler What would the WIndows (10) version of this be? Also, just to clarify, would I be changing the extension for each individual image file in this process? 

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    @M, alternatively, you could try to export the images from your v23 catalog, those which you added after the upgrade from v21 (or all of them) including their adjustments. (select the images or folders, goto File >Export >Originals, tick "include adjustments"); and then manually adjust the exported .cos files so that they equal your v21 .cos files. You can probably do this via a batch editor e.g. Notepad++. Also rename the SettingsXXX folder to reflect the older version. Then import the images (also tick "including adjustments") in your v21 catalog.

    The caveat is that you need to make yourself familiar about the differences of these .cos files between the different versions*), and there is no guarentee that it'll work. I once did it successfully but the version "jump" was not two full versions. If you do it, make good backups of your current state of your catalog and images, and know how to restore, and keep them until you are sure the downgrade worked out well.

    But if you are happy with a v23 version (not affected by software issues and you like the new features) then I would also consider buying a new perpetual license.

  • Abbott Schindler

    I can’t help you with Windows specifics; I’m strictly a Mac user. If nobody else chimes in, I’d suggest that you search through this forum, as I remember reading a while back what the Windows catalog structure looks like. Other than the catalog file’s location/structure, my instructions are complete. Note that I didn’t say anything about changing image file names; only the C1 catalog backup.

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    How long have you been subscribing? Each year of subscription gets you 20% more discount on a persistent license. It might be affordable to off ramp to a persistent license if you haven't canceled your subscription yet.

  • Richard Huggins

    Regarding your adjustments, I'm fairly sure you can run the latest version as a free trial, open the catalogue and at least export the adjusted images as a tiff or psd or whatever. (I ran the free trial several times in the past while I was deciding and I think I remember support telling me there was a new free trial for each major update.)


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