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Selecting Next Image with Arrows Not Working When Keywording


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  • Walter Rowe
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    I have experienced this. What I have determined is that typing into the keyword tool or clicking a keyword "moves focus" away from the browser / viewer making the navigation keys no longer work.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    If you have the player's name available in the Library tool set for Filters using Keywords, then you can avoid typing the name and simply drag the image (or a selection of images) over to the visible Keyword for the player's name. That will then add the KW to the selected images.

    Doing what you are doing is something I have done several times in the past (or at least something very similar)  and this approach can work very well, perhaps with a little pre-planning.

    However, you should also have a Keyboard shortcut available. The default for Next [Image} is CTRL+Arrow as I recall (on a PC. Something similar for Mac.) 

    Check your KBD Shortcut definitions and, perhaps, modify the keys used if you would prefer some other combination. Remember also that you can define and same different sets of Shortcuts for different purposes - if you mind can deal with things and remember all the differences!

  • Jerry C

    When focus shifts away from the thumbnails on Mac, CMD + arrowkey will move to the next thumbnail.

  • Daniel Rainey

    Thanks for the help, everyone.

    I'm on a Windows machine, and the Ctrl+Arrow does not advance to the next image.  If I hit it enough times the focus will eventually get back to the browser, but this is almost as slow as just using the mouse and is less precise.  I've checked the shortcut menu and I think everything is set up correctly.

    SFA I will try the drag and drop, that sounds easier than what I'm doing now.  Thanks for that tip!


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