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16.4.0, macOS: Sony tethering (image transfer) doesn't work if an iPhone/iPad is connected to the Mac


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    I have not had neither an iPad nor an iPhone connected but I get constant disconnects when tethering. I shoot on a Sony A1, and have the latest from May 17 installed.

    The camera is showing under “Camera” but new photos do not show up in C1. A C1 restart fixes it.

    This issue typically happen after a short break where models change fits, if I check the web or similar. It typically happens 4-5 times in a 4 hour shoot.

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    Hi team,

    Just received the following from your support via Zendesk. It's a noreply mail so I'll comment here. I do not believe any of this generic troubleshooting advice is what's causing this issue. Restarting C1 will fix it for a while and then all of the sudden C1 stops receiving the images.

    Comments below.

    Support advice:

    1. Check Device Connections:

      • Ensure that all devices (iPhone/iPad, Sony camera, and Mac) are properly connected via USB or Wi-Fi. Verify that the connections are secure and that the devices are recognized by your Mac.

    My Sony A1 is all that's connected. It shows up in C1 under Camera - even when photos are not received.

    1. Prioritize Device Connections:

      • Sometimes, having multiple devices connected can cause conflicts. Disconnect your iPhone/iPad from your Mac and then try connecting your Sony camera again to see if the images are received.

    Only my Sony A1 is connected

    1. Update Software and Firmware:

      • Make sure that your Mac, Sony camera, and iPhone/iPad have the latest software and firmware updates installed:
        • Mac: Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update.
        • Sony Camera: Visit the Sony support website, enter your camera model, and download any available firmware updates.
        • iPhone/iPad: Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

    All is up to date except my Sony Camera where I not need the 2.01 update for photography (and it wipes my settings). The 1.3.2. firmware worked just fine until 16.4.0

    1. Check Camera Tool Settings:

      • Open the Camera Tool on your Mac and check the settings to ensure that it is configured to receive images from the Sony camera. Make sure the correct camera model is selected.

    They are correct. Been working for years.

    1. Reset Privacy and Security Settings:

      • Sometimes, macOS privacy settings can block access to the camera. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab. Make sure Camera Tool has permission to access your camera.

    They are correct. Been working for years.

    1. Restart Devices:

      • Restart your Mac, Sony camera, and iPhone/iPad. This can often resolve connectivity issues.

    Done - no effect.

    1. Use a Different USB Port or Cable:

      • Try connecting your Sony camera to a different USB port on your Mac or use a different USB cable. Sometimes, faulty ports or cables can cause issues.

    Done - no effect.

    Additional Troubleshooting:

    • Check for Conflicting Applications:

      • Close any applications that might be using the camera simultaneously. Applications like Photo Booth, FaceTime, or other camera-related apps could be causing conflicts.

    C1 is the only app running

    • Consult Sony and Apple Support:

      • If the issue persists, consult the support sections of both Sony and Apple websites for any specific compatibility issues or troubleshooting tips related to your camera model and Mac OS version.

    I firmly believe the issues is due to a bug in C1 as no other parameters has changed. Restarting C1 always fixes the issue for a short while and then it reappears after a while.


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