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I want to duplicate an album and convert all images to black and white.



  • Abbott Schindler

    I just tried this, so I know it works:

    1. In your existing smart album, Select All and clone them. DON'T DESELECT the clones!

    2. With the only the clones selected, right-click and select "Create Albums From"...Selection. That will create an album with only the clones.

    3. Go back into the original album and, again with the clones selected, delete the selection. This will remove the clones from the original album while leaving them in the new album. Result: your original album will be the same as it was originally.

    4. In the new album, Select All, enable B&W and Copy/Apply the B&W to all. Note that this just gives basic B&W settings that you can then work with as usual.

  • Anthony Sbarro

    Thanks Abbott. I managed to get this to work with some changes. I think because the source album is a smart album, your exact instructions didn't work. I was able to accomplish the same though by creating a new 'regular' album with images and started from there. Now my smart album has both the color and black and white images - which is fine. 


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