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Retain original camera manufacturer’s filenumber:



  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    Go and upvote this ..

  • MartinR

    In Nikon digital camera settings you can replace the "DSC" with any 3 alphanumeric characters.  I use my 2 initials + a single character to indicate the camera that shot the image.  That way, when I see an image number I also know immediately what camera it came from.

    You could, for example, set your camera to prefix each image with "WPR" as in the example in the linked feature request.  True, this would include the three letters with the actual image number, as in "WPR_1234.NEF" but there is benefit to that.

    I upvoted the feature request anyway, as I do see the benefit of being able to extract just the numeric portion of an image name and insert it in the metadata.


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