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Referral Code Broken and Awful Customer Support



  • Jeff Gottloeb

    The invite website seems to need to save cookies.  It didn't work when I used a Firefox private window but declined all cookies but did work when I accepted all cookies.

  • Andre Calil

    That seems to have been the issue. Yesterday I asked for a friend to test it for me, and it worked on their machine.

    It's a shame that the customer support took over a week on this issue.

    Thanks, Jeff!

  • Andre Calil

    You are assuming I was explicitly declining cookies, which I wasn't. I was just running in Incognito to ensure my actual cookies were not getting in the way.

    Plus, cookies are definitely not the only way to handle referral links, I can guarantee you that. Since the conversion from the partner (referral manager) to Capture One website wasn't super clear, all I could see was, eventually, a redirect to

    Moreover, you are probably not aware of how the whole support ticket was handled. The staff member took almost a full week to even understand what I was reporting. I'm sorry, that's not acceptable to premium support.





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