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a new function :new filter on ISO (then selection to set : Noise reduction adapted to ISO (just for exaple at 2000 iso)



  • Graham-Hill

    I think it already exist, find pictures with ** iso, or less than ** or more than **. Click at the tree points at the high right corner of the main screen.


  • christophe glaudel

    Okay, indeed other solutions are suitable since they classify the images by ISO. THANKS

    D'accord en effet d'autres solutions convient puisqu'elle Classe par ISO les image. merci 

  • zabra gerous

    @christophe glaudehappy wheels

    Sorting images by ISO is a great idea to fix it. Thanks similar topic I was looking for!

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    You can filter by a very large number of criteria. Click on the ... symbol by the Filters tool and choose Show?Hide filters.

    When you click that you will see a list like this.

    There are too many options to see them all at once. But scroll down and you will find ISO listed.

    However, depending on how you set your ISO, this may not be as useful as you think. I use auto-ISO almost all the time, so my shots have a very wide range of ISO values, and I see this in the filters, if I filter on ISO.

    ... and there are more!

    You may do better to use the search function and search for images with ISO equal to or greater than a certain amount, like this.

    And note that at the bottom of the search dialog box there is an option to create a smart album based on your search, so you could have a smart album of all images with ISO of 2000 or more, for example.


  • christophe glaudel

    Ian Wilson, Your comment is magnificent, I understood everything and I am so happy that it is so easy to filter according to a very large number of criteria. Thank you again for showing me what I didn't know about this software that I've been using for a very long time.


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