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Why are negative inversion tools restricted to CH?


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  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter
    At the top of the page you provided the link for, you'll see it says

    Capture One> Capture One User Guide>Capture One Cultural Heritage (CH)

    One way of inverting a negative is to use the Levels tool, pull the bottom left marker all the way to the bottom right and the bottom right one all the way to the bottom left. (You may have to park them part way across on the way so as to be able to cross them over.)

    Or you can use the Luma curves tool and pull the bottom left up to the top left, and the top right down to the bottom right so that you have a diagonal from top left to bottom right.

  • NN96041

    if you look in the C:\Program Files\Phase One\Capture One 20\CulturalHeritage\Styles\Film Scanning you can find all the styles they use with CH

    if you copy them to your  C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\CaptureOne\Styles50 you will be able to use them as well.

    they are definitely not just an invert function!


    it's not the same as CH but it's something

    don't know why they're not part of regular ver, this is most likely a business decision. they are fully aware of what they're doing

  • Jason Patel

    Aha thats a great tip NN96041, I was inverting via levels 

    Not sure how they invert the colours, seem like the style calls a hidden function.

    If you want to have this enabled on your style you can add the following line in your text editor to the end of the style.

     <E K="TechnicalProcessingMethod" V="2"/>

    V=1 is B&W
    V=2 is Colour
    V=3 is Slide Film

    Also a flip function exists too:

     <E K="Flip" V="1"/>

    V=1 is Mirror on Horizontal
    V=2 is Mirror on Vertical

    Enjoy new Features via Styles

  • Permanently deleted user

    Was spelunking through old posts and came across this. I just bought an Epson flatbed scanner and am looking for ideas on ways to manage the negatives. 

    I've found Negative Lab Pro, but that's a bit spendy and only for LR. There is always Vuescan with the plus of being able to create DNG's, but again it's a bit spendy and definitely has it's idiosyncrasies.

    I'll play with this a bit.



  • Hernan Zenteno

    I use CO for process my scanned archives too. Is a pity that I can't invert the image in the software, a button that can save me time and not depend of other software. If anyone knows that there are some improve in this issue I will appreciate a comment. Thanks. 

  • Jason Patel

    Hernan you have x2 one click options mentioned above.  One from myself and another from “NN96041“

  • Hernan Zenteno

    Hi Jason. I don't find the inversion of level or curves works the same. Particular with color film scans. About NN96041 I can't follow what he wrote. Maybe is some route in Windows platform. Not the same in mac. 

  • Jason Patel

    You can take the instructions I listed to create the file NN96041 wrote about. Simply edit a style with those commands in a text editor. 

  • Hernan Zenteno

    Many thanks. I could make what NN96041 said, it was in another place. For flip I use the function that is in the workspace of crop, rotation and lens correction. For some reason the text editor thing didn't worked but the other way yes so I can work with my scans. All the best. 

  • Richard Brown

    Just finally managed to come across this thread after submitting a request to technical staff regarding the same question as NNN636825801228934975. 

    Firstly the answer from Mr Wilson is rather offhand "At the top of the page you provided the link for, you'll see it says Capture One> Capture One User Guide>Capture One Cultural Heritage (CH).

    Why would we be looking at the top of the page for the link address when following link ?? Secondly I was on that page consistently for 3 days running reading about Capture One CH without any mention of what Capture One CH actually is and that it is different from Capture One Pro ! I'm sure there are many other users coming across the same issue here - would be appropriate that any help pages for a Custom / Specific version of Capture One are explained at the top of each page - how the hell is one supposed to even know there is a custom variant of the application we pay for each year on a subscription if it is not clearly listed in the first place !

    As for the help from Jason - it's great that you take the time to reply and help but unfortunately we are not all computer buffs and I quite frankly don't understand a word of what is written there. Any solutions other than sliding levels handles would be appreciated - thanks and regards.

    PS: Saw on the website help that many staff for Capture are actually based in Ukraine. Makes my issue seem totally immaterial in comparison so my sincerest deepest sympathies and prayers go out to all persons there.


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