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On go workflow with iPad Pro


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  • IanW
    As you’ve no doubt realised you won’t get much response to enquires regarding future developments on this forum as it is a user forum.
    Your best method is to create a support case and thus send your request directly to C1.
    As for me I too would very much welcome an iPad app which includes editing facility linked to iCloud. C1 sessions workflow would seem to be the ideal method and then the session could be transferred to a laptop/desktop for inclusion in a catalog or just to remain as a session.
    At present I believe the only solution for high quality editing on iPad is with Adobe software. It’s about time they had some quality competition.

  • Jason Patel
    More discussion can be seen here:

  • Pavel Derka
    There is no navigable file system on Mac's iOS OS, so I imagine sessions would be out of the question and getting files off the iPad without using photos and sharing was not also previously possible, though I don't know if that is still the case.

    But I too would love to see a future C1 iOS version, even with limited capabilities, as long as the pencil had support. I can hear the cries of "too expensive" already. 😄
  • Jason Patel

    Is this something that can be moved forwards?  The iPad OS has full file management capability now.  Adobe has products for some time to compete here as do Affinity.  Anything blocking PhaseOne?

  • Jeremiah Agware

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