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Metadata and original file name script


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  • Benjamin Liddle
    2. The other problem is being able to track the origin of the RAW file from the JPG version. When you Process an image there is no way to know where or what the original RAW file is located. In the Metadata is store the current file name so my guess if some renames the file you can look at the Metadata and get the JPG file name. I use Sessions (Not sure how well this will work for Catalogs) and the folder structure is very logical so it is easy to follow on backups and so on. Here is my directory structure, /PhotosMaster/Photo2017/SCPT Test/Capture/September/_DSC5666.NEF As you can see I have a folder called PhotoMaster just to clean. Next I have a folder called Photo2017 this gives me a year and generally the folder I back up to a USB drive. Next is the Session name and lastly the file name. This information I decided to store in Getty, Original Filename, not sure what is field is intended for but seems to work for m

    Good idea, though it is worth mentioning that the "Include All Other" must be enabled under your JPG process recipe to embed this information into the resulting JPG.
  • Bill Wandersleben
    Good point! Not sure if I checked this or if this is the default to have include all other.

    Thanks for the reply.
  • Benjamin Liddle
    It is the default behavior, but perhaps it would be worth it to include in the tell anyway:

    set include Other Metadata of recipe [--your quoted recipe name here] to True

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