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Export RAWs / import JPEGs


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  • Eric Valk
    I'm curious why you would want to re-import the JPEGs

    If your desired end product is JPEGs, why not do all your editting on the original RAW image, and then just export them as JPEGs of required size and quality when needed.

    Re-importing the JPEGs and then doing anything with them would seem to result in lower quality output with more effort.
  • NNN636563985515535156
    For archiving reasons.
    I have lots of photos that are post-processed, not really masterpieces, but with some value. I want to keep them and save space taken by RAWs.
  • Benjamin Liddle
    You could, via catching the output file and setting up a Processing Done Script with a command to Import that file list. This would probably be a pain though- I'd recommend not setting it up automatically as it'll balloon your catalog quickly (presumably you're in a catalog for archival purposes) with shots you don't intend on keeping fairly.
    It'd also rely on you to batch process the files- if you send one at a time and the Processing Done Script is set to import, it'll import them one at a time, which will probably bottleneck-up and slow the whole process down.

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