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Missing documentation regarding icc color profiles


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  • dee jjjaaaa

    for a start go to PS -> Edit -> "Color Settings" and post a screenshot of how you configured your PS to deal with color profiles embedded into files when you open them


  • dee jjjaaaa

    "... No, because PS does not understand this profile (I have a Sony A7r4 camera) for various functions e.g. Camera RAW...." - you are grossly confused... what C1 embeds is a data in a standard icc/icm container (that guides conversion from RGB data into a coordinates in standard PCS like cieLAB or cieXYZ) that PS can use then to convert (from RGB coordinates in the source file to coordinates in PCS and then from PCS) into whatever colorspace you configured it to use ... whether or not your copy of ACR has a DCP profile for your camera model is irrelevant here (even if you configured your system to open files like .tiff in ACR when you invoke PS)

  • John Evensen

    Hi Dee jjjaaa

    Your response is appreciated, and I might be confused because I do not know the inner workings of either PS or C1. However, one thing is for sure, you do not understand my problem description and is therefore not answering my question.

    I often use ACR within PS to do a bit of tweaking. I know that the camera profile is irrelevant if using ACR within PS to edit a layer. The problem is that when the camera profile is embedded in the PSD file that is being opened in PS makes ACR not work at all.. 

    Posting my settings in PS is not relevant either (but shown anyway), as there should be a documented way to achieve consistent color readings between these two products. This is a job for C1 staff, which makes me think that this is not the right forum for this problem.

    Thank you for your effort in assisting me :)

    Best regards,

    John Ivar 


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