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Great software and all... but some functions suck. Hit delete to remove a heal/clone point and it deleted the picture.


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  • Michael

    Have you checked your catalog's trash folder?

  • SFA


    Have you ever found a way to make that happen on demand?

    I also see it from time to time.

    It happens if, for some reason, the "focus" of the cursor has moved from the heal/clone point to the browser suddenly and for no apparent reason. Very annoying (but recoverable from Session Trash in my case).

    However I have never discovered how that re-focus of the cursor happens unexpectedly. And most often just after specifically selecting a point in order to delete it. It's frustrating to be unable to establish a logical reason for the problem.

  • Tom Thudiyanplackal

    Thank you for the tip, I'll have this included in my workflow and label it as "don't freak out" -- ah!


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