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Where to download previous versions


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    Jack W

    For anyone coming across this post at a later date, you can download a previous version of Capture One here: https://www.captureone.com/en/account/download/previous - you must however, sign-in first.

  • gb

    "Support says it's a known issue and I should bugger off."
    Curious, a known issue based on what?
    I use dual monitors and never see that.


  • Christopher O'Grady

    I'm glad you don't have the issue. Support sent me a copy + paste response.


    Thank you for bringing this bug to our attention, we appreciate the time you’ve taken to contribute towards the development and maintenance of Capture One.

    I would consider this a bug and have already filed a report with all the details for the R&D team.

    I will place your ticket on-hold and will get back to you should we need any more information on this bug report.

    Unfortunately, we cannot comment when this bug will be fixed, but rest assured that it has been reported and will be looked into.

    We also cannot guarantee that this will be in the next service release, but we will do our best to roll out a fix as soon as possible

    Capture One Support

    Thanks for your help finding where to download previous versions gb.


  • SFA

    The Legacy versions access was, for V20, available from one's Account information.

    At the moment to the original link only offers V20, that being the previous version for V21, and no additional link to get to older versions prior to V20, something that used to be possible.

    This may simply be an error on the updating of the web pages or it may be policy.

    If I recall correctly there used to be a link to orders placed prior to the introduction of Fastspring as the order processing partner but I no longer see that not information about my earlier purchased activations. Possibly that is because to the link to the older, Phase order processing system details are not available or, possibly, because my earliest orders were purchased via resellers.

    If the lack of access is incidental to the web page updates then it really should be correct ASAP.

    If it is deliberate policy - for whatever reason - then a statement should be made about it and, in my opinion, the policy should be reversed or an alternative means of having access to legacy versions should be made available.

    If it's some sort of technical issue related to licensing - then it should be fixed or bypassed.


    To say nothing and, in your case Christopher, seemingly completely misunderstand the question is not acceptable in my opinion.

  • gb

    This is the only archives I can find:
    but the OP probably found these as well.
    So v20 13.1.3 v20 13.1.2 are available plus the last point releases of previous versions back to v3.

    As for the shifting screen problem does it still happen when you put the screens into F11 full screen mode?

  • Susan Stekoll

    On the legacy page, there is no download for  the version I need: Capture One Pro 20  build 13.0.4.   Do you know where to find this particular build?  The legacy page  does not include it.  It was my understanding that I could download from my account any version I paid for, but now all the links are for CO Pro 21.  Getting very frustrated with CO.

  • gb

    Looks like that 13.0.4 is not available.
    Only hope would be to submit a request to C1 support pleading your case for a private link to 13.0.4.

    The two last point release versions of v20 should show in your account:
    Account - Download Capture One - Download the previous version of Capture One (at bottom of page) - Download.
    But would be same as on the legacy page.

  • Jerome Bressoud

    You can download specific build version using this trick :

    1. Account > Download Capture One > Previous version www.captureone.com/en/account/download/previous
    2. Click on Download and cancel the download
      your are now on a new page with the message Trouble downloading? 'Click here'
    3. Right click on 'Click here' and copy the link
    4. Paste the link in Notepad and change the filename
    5. Paste the edited link back in your browser
  • SFA


    The easier route seems to be to go to the download page and scroll down until a "Download Previous version" link appears. (If necessary. Whether it is necessary may depend on the devices and browser you are using and how they deal with the web pages being presented to them.)

    Use the previous version link to get to the Previous version page. 


    Now, once more, scroll down and you should see several more links to earlier versions of C1.

    Currently (Mid 2021) one can go back to version 10.

    If people need earlier versions than that or a specific build revision within the version then the best advice is to use the "Submit a request" option and ask the C1 support team for personal assistance.



  • Jerome Bressoud

    The OP is trying to get a specific build version (C1 20 v13.1.2), not an older major version (C1 12/11/10).
    The latest C1 20 build is 13.1.4 an thus 13.1.2 seems not available anywhere.
    My proposed solution allows to download a specific build version


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