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Export back in Tab


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  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    With the old process recipe tool tab I had already a viewer/proofing and a browser and it was much more flexible to different processing/exporting needs. Havin a stupid modal window with an extra viewer and browser might serve one or the other workflow similarly well, but is not as flexible or convenient as the old processing tool tab. I did not see much reason to upgrade from 13 until 14.2, but now it is getting worse, I see reasons NOT to ugrade.

    C1, stop eroding the good features which let's C1 stand out positively, stop ruining your unique selling points by mimicking LR and alike. I want the old but great tool tab back! No modal window, no extra viewer or browser.


  • Simon Giddings


    Nothing they've added precludes the option to keep the export settings in a tab. I frequently switch to the export tab, make a quick selection, export, make another selection, export, change my mind and alter the selection, whatever, it's just irritating that now I have to open and close a popup instead of having the tab just sitting there next to the main editor.

  • Nicolas Det

    Same here. Tab design is great. Keep it.

    C1 can keep the export "window" accessible using the menu and the button, but the export should also be in the tab.

  • Simon Giddings

    That would be the ideal setup, and the stupid thing is, that would have been the easiest preference to add as the tab functionality was already there!

  • Simon Giddings

    Already have 😁 I'll let you know what they come back with....

  • Wanokuni

    You can find the 14.2 here. if you scroll a bit down in the page.


  • Carsten Schlipf

    Hi Nicolas,

    sure, keeping the choice would have been best, especially since proofing is still there and it looks like the tool panels in the new export dialog are still exactly the same. So as a user with no internal know how I don't see a very good reason, why the panels have been removed from the tabs.

    For me personally however working with the tabs had a few disadvantages and never felt right to me:

    • As tab I always had to switch to the tab, export and then back (so one click more)
    • For Proofing I continuously had to switch it on and off, as I found it disturbing while editing (so, two clicks more)
    • And then I never felt it fits well in the tabs that I mainly use for editing and where I have too many tabs anyway.

    And on my 27" monitor it fits perfectly. I assumed it adjusts itself to the monitor size, just like the import dialog. Doesn't it? If no, then this is of course something that needs to be changed.


  • Carsten Schlipf

    Just tested on my laptop screen (FHD resolution) - in my case the export dialog automatically adapts to the screen size and fits perfectly. 

    If I resize it and move it elsewhere and then close it, but open it again later, the dialog again appears perfectly centered on the screen with an adjusted size. Wondering whats going on on your system?

    BTW: I am using Windows.

  • Nicolas Det

    OK. Thanks for your reply.

    Indeed, it's fit your needs. Actually it's fine to me for small projects.

    But usually I have to sort the export per format/date/category. So the new one is about 10 times slower..

    It does not fit the MBP 2021 13' neither the Razer 15'..

  • Nicolas Det


    I suggest to submit a request:


    I think as well, it should not be hard to put back the functionnality in a tab.

  • Carsten Schlipf

    I am sorry guys, but I find the new export dialog great and I don't want to go back. Having a choice is however better, of course.

  • Nicolas Det

    Hi Carsten!

    I think to it's great to have a quick export window. But remove the old one is a very bad thing to my workflow..

    Could you explain how do you use it differently as the tab?

    By the way, does it fit into your monitor?


  • Nicolas Det

    Thanks for the feedback .

    - but now you have to open a window (?)
    - what is the difference (?)
    - Not it does not fit on my both laptop. And one can not change the default layout

  • Carsten Schlipf

    My Workflow:

    Export Dialog:

    • One click -> Open Window and see proofing result
    • Optionally: One click: Choose recipe
    • One click -> Export (window closes and I am back to my previous tab)

    Old tab design

    • One click -> Open output tab
    • One click -> Enable proofing
    • Optionally: One click: Choose recipe
    • One click -> Process
    • One click -> Disable proofing
    • One click -> Go back to previous tab

    And the fact that it does not fit on your laptop screen is clearly a bug that must be fixed. Would annoy me as well. Do you have the same issue with the import dialog?


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