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Where's the one button "process" gone.


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  • Lance Blackburn

    Ian, thank you for the tip, this does indeed work. However, I mainly use my mouse, I basically never use shortcut keys. I just find it strange that we now have to change the way we do things when it was working perfectly well previously, by just clicking on the "Process" tab on the screen, is now changed to something more complicated. 

  • Paul Topol

    Lance, I'm with you. Dumb change!

  • Paul Topol

    You can set up a keyboard shortcut BUT it has become tooooo complicated. I thought upgrades made the software easier! Last edition and all previously just had a tab instead of opening a new window to access the various recipes. The new window takes up more "desktop" space. Typical engineer solution and less practical than before.

  • NB

    Does the keyboard shortcut (in my case 'Insert') still work for a one step action to process a single image?

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    There is a default shortcut (Ctrl-D on Windows, Cmd-D on Mac) for Export With Previous Settings - in effect it does exactly what Ctrl-D (Cmd-D) did before - the equivalent of clicking the process button, without even having to open the export dialog box.

    Also Ctrl-Shift-D (Cmd-Shift-D) opens the Export dial box and takes you straight to the recipes. Esc will close it again. And, better than the old system, that leaves you back working where you were, instead of having to find your way back to the tab and tool you were on previously.



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