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Images aren't being read properly



  • Propheticus

    To find out whether it's a UI rendering issue (monitor calibration/ icc profile) or a file interpretation issue, did you try to export a JPEG file without tinkering with the colours and open it in another, working, viewer?

    If it's the rendering in CO22 at fault, the output JPEG should look okay.

  • Bee Hence

    I’m having the exact same issues with both 21 and 22 except my raw photos are showing lime green. I’m using Lightroom in the meantime because it doesn’t have issues reading my raw files. If this issue can’t be fixed, then I’ll have to just switch to LR altogether since I need access to my raws. Anyone have any advice about how to fix this?

    Context: already checked multiple SD cards and updated my camera with the latest firmware. I also uploaded photos from my Canon and those raw files can be read fine but it’s an issue with my Fujifilm XT-3.

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    When you say lime green... It isn't that the focus mask is turned on, is it? That by default uses a green overlay to show in focus areas.


  • Bee Hence

    Thanks Ian!! That was it! *face palm* made my year! Lol


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