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A summary of quirks and glitches in v22



  • Peter Klings

    Weirdly enough point 4 of your list was a issue for me until I updated to C1 22 and now it seems to be fixed for me.
    But Point 7 definitivly was a problem for with 21 already and still is, eventhough it´s not a big deal.

  • Propheticus

    It's true many of these are not a big deal. It is a rather long (and not exhaustive) list of smaller issues though.
    They're small enough it does not feel worth the hassle to submit a request for each and every one of them.
    However, I have never seen so many in commercial software before. Even open source software. The software costs more than any (home use) I've paid for before, only the MS Office suite comes close. For this money I expected a higher level of testing/quality assurance. 

  • ernst.w

    For this money I expected a higher level of testing/quality assurance.

    That's the point.

    Just to give you an addition to your list ;): Try to copy Keystone adjustments to other images in a bulk. Do this several times. You can do same work after but C1 will hang in a couple of minutes - you must restart ist to work on. To get a quicker "result", add Rotation & Flip and Crop. This bug is in C1 for years and was never fixed. Workaround: Avoid copying Keystone adjustments. ;)


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